Story prompts – running the Grand Canyon

running the rapids on the Colorado

I was looking for story prompts when I remembered these old family photos and thought they might serve as the core of a story. Or perhaps a nice little side story to flesh out a character.

This lot is from Dock Marston’s “first ever outboard motorboat run of Grand Canyon” in 1951.
shooting rapids on colorado river 1951

Shooting the rapids on the Colorado river

18 ft aluminum boat

Jimmy Jordan in the Junebug
From the Wikipedia:
Dock next turned to the question of outboard motors. In 1951, he orchestrated the first successful down-run of outboard motorboats through the entire Grand Canyon. The 1951 “Marston Motorcade” consisted of two outboard motorboats and three stock Chris-Craft Speedsters. The 18-foot aluminum hull outboard motorboat June Bug was piloted by Jimmy Jordan and the second boat of the same design, the Twin, was piloted by Rod Sanderson. The two outboards were powered by twin 25-horsepower Evinrude outboard motors. While the June Bug completed the cruise, not far below Separation Canyon, the gearshift on the motor of the Twin gave trouble,and the boat was taken in tow, much to the disgust of its crew.

woman standing under sandstone umbrella

camping in the desert by colorado river 1951

My grandfather was a friend of Jimmy Jordan so he talked them into letting him come along as a cook. Of course, this was back when travel down the Grand Canyon was unheard of so it was a great adventure. Now there are so many people going down the canyon that they need a toll booth.

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