Rules of the society

If you’re writing historical fiction you need to keep in mind the rules of the society.

I found the note among my grandfather’s papers.
note about girl going to the bishop's court for riding a horse "straddle"
Phoebe Amelia Richards a daughter of Dr. Willard Richards.
Called to the Bishops court for riding straddle with a girl friend, and on a Sunday!

This happened in the mid-1800’s when side-saddle was the way for a proper young lady to ride. It’s important to note that her father was mentioned because he was of some importance to the church -one of the Apostles-, whereas the other girl remained anonymous.

You should also notice the use of “girl friend” meaning young female friend as opposed to the more intimate “girlfriend.” But my favorite part is that they dared to do it on a “Sunday!”

I tell ya when it comes to strict behavior Southern Baptists don’t have anything on those early Mormons.

Basic Biography
Phoebe Amelia Richards daughter of Willard Richards and Mary Thompson
Born 7 Jun 1851 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Married Jacob Peart, 24 May 1869, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah -7 children
Died 15 Jan 1943 Rupert, Minidoka County, Idaho, USA
Buried Salt Lake City Cemetery Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA

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