Remember Those That Can, Do; Those That can’t, Teach

We all remember the old saw, “Those that can, do; Those who can’t, teach.”

In reading every bit of advice about writing I can find that most of those people telling me what to do are rehashing the same old advice that everyone else is posting.

All of these people claim the title of “author” but I can never seem to find anything they’ve published. Except for their website and the advice they want to sell you.

For instance, there is an author who writes how-to books for aspiring authors, but her entire collection of published books in any other genre consists of a single, 27-page, Kindle only book containing two short stories. Yet, that makes her a legitimately published author.

There are other authors that haven’t accomplished even that much, who want not only to tell me what to do, they want to review my work; for a price.

The whole bloody mess reminds me of those “money for nothing” schemes, where you rework some PLR (private label rights) ebooks, publish them under your own name and sell them on your website.

Having said all that, I have learned a lot, but when you start seeing the same advice on every site and some of them don’t bother rephrasing it, it’s time to begin haunting the forums until I’m comfortable enough to ask for advice.

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