Ration book from WWII

This is a ration book used in WWII.
front of WWII ration book

Due to the combination of gas rationing of fuel, import restrictions, and the demand for these items created by the thousands and thousands of personnel needed by the war, everything from sugar to tires was rationed.

Then, because of the need to keep this whole process tightly controlled, the powers-that-be created a specialized bureaucracy consisting of something on the order of 8000 ration boards across the country.

The system was simple, the quantity of the items you could purchase was controlled by your trusty ration book and the stamps were torn out by the merchant as they were used.
WWII ration stamps
Since these books were only issued once a month, once you were out of stamps, you were sol for the rest of the month. –This made for some very careful meal planning.

(Of course, I’m certain there was some guy or gal out in the parking lot willing to part with some of theirs, for a price. –But that’s a whole nother story.)

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