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Tuesday 04/04/17

Blood Pressure = 138/87 pulse= 87 Not so good
Blood sugar = 183 Very not good

It was bright and sunny when I got up on the roof yesterday morning. Got the worst of the shingles glued down the about an hour later a storm blew through. –The sky was absolutely black, it rained hard for less than an hour, then the sun came out and the weather was beautiful.

Got to get my car washed. It’s black and shows the dirt in the best of times, but after the 80mph winds and rain it was dirty brownish gray, but only on one side. I even had to roll the passenger side window down so I could see the traffic.

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Sunday 04/02/17

Blood pressure = 130 / 80 pulse=80
Blood sugar = 180

I’m going to try walking tomorrow morning. Heading for the wetlands park with my camera.

I had a long night last night. Couldn’t get to sleep and my feet woke me up three or four times. The neuropathy makes my feet twitch, burn and tingle.

Another side effect of the neuropathy is that you can’t tell if one of your feet has fallen asleep until you get up and try to stand on it.

Sinus isn’t too bad today, but I did have to take a couple of antihistamines during the night.

4 hour Chlor-Trimeton has changed their formula. I no longer get cotton mouth.

It’s been so long since I’ve taken any that I’m not sure if it works as well as it used to or not. At least it doesn’t say “non-drowsy on the box. There’s nothing like needing an antihistamine before bed, and seeing that phrase on the box.

I still need to fix some shingles, but I don’t feel like climbing the ladder, so I’ll probably do it tomorrow, before I take my car to the car wash. Wind and rain left me with a brown spotted black car. -Wrong color for our climate.

As far as relationships go, I think we can all identify.
At least mine’s in Phoenix for a couple of days.

As I get older I find that more and more, sex is rarely a good trade for peace and quiet.

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Diary One More Time With Feeling

Diary. Yup. Kinda.

I moved the site to a new host because I was having some issues with my old host.

It wasn’t all of my sites, just this one. How’s that for strange?

I tried to move my previous posts but the sql backup wasn’t compatible with the new system. Which is weird, because they use the same version of MySQL.

So here we are again.

My blood pressure was 130/83 –bottom number is a little higher than I like.

My blood sugar was 179. No wonder my feet are making me crazy.

Tried to copy a couple of .cda files for a local reporter, but no joy.

Today my ankles hurt so much that I’m sorry I didn’t bring any hydrocodone.

Was going to make a remark about “stupid neuropathy,” but it’s my own fault for not exercising and losing weight.

In the meantime I’m munching on a bag of coffee glazed almonds.

I think I’ve figured out what the problem is.

I’m also still weighing in at 172lb.

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The Wind Blew a Bunch of Shingles Off the Neighbor’s Roof.

The wind hit a little over 60mph and blew shingles off a bunch of roofs. My neighbor across the street seems to have been hit the hardest, with at least half of the garage roof landing in the street.

I was up on my roof at 6am, using tar to glue down a bunch of loose asphalt shingles, and when I was done, I sat in front of my computer listening to the ones I missed flapping in the breeze.

I didn’t even consider climbing back up there. I had to go to work, it was cold and wet, and my jacket’s hood kept falling in my face. –Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime my blood pressure was 131/81 but my blood sugar was 171. It’s a good thing I see my doctor soon.

After climbing up on the roof and fixing shingles two days in a row I can’t get down on my knees without putting my hand on something to get back up.

I guess I’ve let myself get into such bad shape that I need to break down and do some deep knee bends and start walking more.