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Thursday 04/13/17

Nothing has changed since Sunday.

BP = still a little too high
Blood sugar = 180 +/-
Weight = 270

I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon with yet another doctor. – This is the trouble with an HMO, you never know who your primary physician is going to be this time.

I went out birding Tuesday and walked for about 45 minutes. My feet hurt and so did my ankles.

I walked slowly so as to not frighten the birds and I still didn’t see any of the ones I was looking for.

It was kind of chilly so they were probably hunkered down in the brush.

It still felt good so I guess it was worth the effort. But I’ll ask the doctor about the best ankle support. And maybe some new pain meds.

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Sunday 04/09/17

BP = 130/82 pulse = 80
Blood Sugar = 170

I’m trying to keep notes about what I eat (including snacks), when I eat and what my blood sugar is before I eat it.

I also use them for other things as well. Unfortunately I wind up with bits and pieces scattered across all of them.

I bought three more only because they come in packs of three.

Now I can label them and, hopefully get a little better organized.

Tiffany gave me a diary for Day to day writing, but I haven’t committed the first word to paper.

She’s all in to that whole “put your inner feeling in writing” thing.

I don’t know where she came up with that, but she swears by it.

I guess it’s cheaper than a therapist.

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Saturday 04/08/17

Blood pressure = 127/85 pulse = 80
Blood sugar = 187

Doubled up on my Metformin last night and it didn’t do shit.

I see the doctor Thursday and I hope he has an idea that doesn’t involve insulin. I hate needles.

Turned down a free fully decked out ’99 Honda Goldwing because I’m afraid to ride it.

Ankles hurt because of the neuropathy.

I need to walk more but I have trouble with the pain. And I have pain in part because I don’t exercise enough.

I need an out of order sign to wear around my neck.

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Friday 04/07/17

Blood Pressure = 130/80 Pulse = 80
Blood Sugar = 157

Sex has started leaving me with a headache. Probably the tension along with the elevated blood pressure.

I was looking for a domain name for a foodie. All the good ones are taken. Maybe not all the good ones, but would you pay $85,000 for fatdaddy.com??? A shame because it describes him to a tee.

Got a call to build a background for food photography. I’m going to do what has become popular in food blogging circles. You buy some Pergo or tongue and groove siding, you cut it into 3ft lengths, glue it together, into 3 – 2’x3′ panels, paint it and you have your back and sides.

Speaking of backdrops, I keep pieces of fabric in a plastic tub that slides under the bed, and large flat pieces of Styrofoam in storage just in case I need to build sets or reflectors.

I need to take the tubs out from under the bed and look to see what else I stored in them.

My feet are swollen and tingly but in another 2 1/2 hours I can take my shoes off.

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Thursday 04/06/17

BP = 137/90 Pulse = 85 Too high
Blood sugar = 147 Somewhat better than it has been.

Neuropathy in both feet makes my ankles hurt, which makes my right hip hurt. Hope the doctor can help with my meds.

As an excuse to get out and walk I bought a new camera. A Canon 80d with an 18-135mm kit lens, along with a couple of other lenses.

It’s a nice camera, but coming from Nikon, I need to relearn everything. I’m reduced to reading the manual, because I haven’t a clue what all those buttons do.

The reviewers say that it takes good video and better than average photos.

I took a few test shots, most were pretty good, especially the shots I took with the 10-18mm.

10mm f/8 ISO 1250 1/30
You can see the distortion at the top of the bookcases, but for an ultra-wide it’s not bad. (the lampshade was already bent. I didn’t notice I had bumped it.)

The Tamron 150-600mm lens is going to require more practice. I haven’t owned a 600mm it at least five years and I have many bad habits.
missing shingles
Handheld 600mm

The bosses tried to give me a nice 1999 Honda Goldwing, but I refuse to ride in this town anymore. –I guess I’m officially old.