I’m Showing My Age

I keep forgetting my age, my mind insists I’m still twenty-something, but my body disagrees, and now the cracks in my facade are starting to show.

I went to urgent care with chest pains. All that is wrong is that I’ve been sitting on my ass for so long, it finally caught up with me.

They drew blood, hooked me up to a heart monitor, ran some other tests and then sent me home with a tiny bottle of nitroglycerin pills, just in case.

Now I have to eat healthily and start walking. I also need to toss in some light weights to build muscle mass.
7-11 hot dog with the works
As an example; this tastes really good, so it is bad. Cheese, chili and large hot dog on a white bread bun. A definite no-no.

This black bean salad is ok for the main meal.
Bowl of black bean salad
The downside is that a homemade vinaigrette is ok, but smothering it with ranch dressing is not even an option. –And no beer until I lose 30lbs.

I have exercise equipment, but I had to borrow Rich’s picture of his treadmill because mine is covered with tools and drop cloths.
treadmill used as clothes hanger
As you can see, he irons. I don’t know why I just buy no-iron shirts.

So I’m back in the saddle and getting more boring by the minute. No booze, no fattening food, and not much fun.

Brain Center Building

I was driving down the road in Las Vegas, Nv. when I saw this building. The photo was taken while it was under construction, now it’s a little shinier and weirder.

It is the Lou Ruvo Brain Center.
Lou Ruvo Brain center construction

This is where they treat people with brain disorders.

Okay, my first thought is that if you were on the border between panic and acceptance, looking at this for the first time might well push you right over the edge.

What were they thinking? They have two of these building, one in the Midwest and one out here, and while I know you need to maintain continuity across websites, this is just plain weird. No other word could possibly describe it.

The strange part is that the doctor has a great reputation in his field. But unless he’s engaged to the architect I think he ought to reconsider his choice

Fortunately, I don’t need his services, I still feel relatively normal, but I still find the building a little disconcerting.

Oops, I forgot:
BP = Same as last time
Blood Sugar = 187