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Sunday 04/30/17 Eating Healthy

BP = 150/80
Blood sugar = 172

I’m being forced to eat healthier and it sucks. –Like I’m the only person ever to say that.

This is my plan for the next few days:

For breakfast I kick off my day with a big bowl of oatmeal, sweetened with raisins instead of sugar and with unsweetened almond milk instead of half and half.
bowl of oatmeal
I like oatmeal, but not when I’m forced to eat it.

Lunch is an open face sandwich with tomato, avocado and pickled red onion on toasted sourdough. No mayo or butter, the avocados provide the fat.
tomato avocado sandwich
It tastes pretty good, but it’s not filling. I can eat one and be looking for something to eat within twenty minutes. Which sucks

This is supper. It’s a black bean salad, with beans, corn, tomato, cilantro and green onion. With lime and olive oil dressing. (I’ll probably add jalapenos and avocado)
Bowl of black bean salad

I need to get my weight under 250lb, but I mostly need to exercise more in order to build muscle mass and to improve my cardio.

It took a long time to get this far out of shape, and being old makes it a lot tougher to make much improvement. But if my knees don’t hurt quite so much and I can get off or at least reduce the number of pills I take, it’s a win.

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Saturday 4/29/17

BP is about the same and my blood sugar is stable at 150, so I guess that means my vitals are as boring as my life.

I’m in a rut that’s so deep I need the Hubble telescope to see out. –You know, that sounded a lot cooler in my head.

I have to call the doctor’s office to get my blood pressure meds renewed.

According to the pharmacy and the last person I talked to at Southwest Medical, I can’t get them renewed until I do the blood work. Which is weird, because they’ve not only drawn blood, I’ve received not one, but two letters, from the doctor telling me what the results were. Maybe I’ll have better luck on Monday.

In case you didn’t notice this diary thing still isn’t working out.

Maybe I’ll start writing like I’m talking to myself. It might keep me interested, or not.

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Sunday 04/23/17

BP = 123/79 pulse = 73
Blood sugar = 155

It’s been a couple of hours since I checked but I suspect my blood pressure is way up, because my head is starting to hurt. Back to Excedrin.

On a different note, I just read my last post. -You know, it would have been nice if I had given a little intro and maybe a better description so people knew what the hell the pictures were all about. I think that “show don’t tell” works better if people what you are showing them.

The reason I don’t think this “diary” is working out. is because, while I know I should be detailing the daily events in my life, there are a lot of things I won’t put writing because, push comes to shove, they are nobody else’s business.

And finally, I also have access to another domain name -Madnessbeckons.com. I love that name, unfortunately I have trouble keeping up with this simple quasi-diary, so I know I shouldn’t take on a full time blog.

On the other hand it would be wicked cool to let my mind wander off into those dark places we all have and write down all those weird thoughts, just to mess with the normal people’s heads.

I may not hear voices, but I have days when I have some very scary shit running through my mind.

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Friday 4/22/17

BP = 120/93 pulse = 88
Blood sugar = 150

I’ve decided to post a picture every few days and say something about it.

I know this is a diary but it’s like my grandfather’s day books. Unbelievably boring.

Running the Colorado rapids in 1951.
Jimmy Jordan in the Junebug

This is how it was used.
Shooting the rapids

Now this looks like a fun day at the office.

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Changing Meds on Monday

BP = 117 / 81 pulse = 80
Blood sugar = 150

I have a fairly constant headache and that bottom number seems to be the problem. Today my head hurts -kind of a dull ache– in spite of taking two Excedrin.

I talk to the nurse on Monday when I go in to have my blood pressure checked. Maybe they can change meds or dosage and make it stop.

I don’t need to check my blood pressure. My head tells me what’s wrong.

Surviving til Monday.