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Brain Center Building

I was driving down the road in Las Vegas, Nv. when I saw this building. The photo was taken while it was under construction, now it’s a little shinier and weirder.

It is the Lou Ruvo Brain Center.
Lou Ruvo Brain center construction

This is where they treat people with brain disorders.

Okay, my first thought is that if you were on the border between panic and acceptance, looking at this for the first time might well push you right over the edge.

What were they thinking? They have two of these building, one in the Midwest and one out here, and while I know you need to maintain continuity across websites, this is just plain weird. No other word could possibly describe it.

The strange part is that the doctor has a great reputation in his field. But unless he’s engaged to the architect I think he ought to reconsider his choice

Fortunately, I don’t need his services, I still feel relatively normal, but I still find the building a little disconcerting.

Oops, I forgot:
BP = Same as last time
Blood Sugar = 187

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Friday 6/09/17

BP= same ol – same ol
Blood sugar is 170

Still depressed. Not bad enough to go to a psychiatrist but bad enough that I don’t want to do anything or go anywhere.

I’ve got a bunch of work to do around the house, but I don’t care.

If I could stay in bed forever I would.

I have to force myself to do anything.

This morning I got caught by my alarm clock. So I had to move at a run.

This was a good thing. I took a fast shower and fried so fish for a po boy.

I’d already made the ramelade sauce, so I toasted the rolls in another frying pan while I cooked the fish. It’s a little strange to have that for breakfast but it tasted so good that I ate it standing at the kitchen counter.

So there’s hope for me, because nothing has really tasted good since I found out that I was about to be unemployed.

The next step is to finish my hall bathroom, do the kitchen and fix the yard.

That’ll keep me occupied for about a month. After that I guess I’ll just have to figure out what the Hell I’m going to do with myself.

Here’s something I remember. Maybe I do need to go fishing.
Mountain lake

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Saturday 5/27/17

BP=same diastolic is still a little too high
Blood Sugar = 170

I haven’t posted because I’ve been depressed. I hate change, I really do.

If I had started planning to get this old when I was 40 I’d be set. But I didn’t, so here I am.

I really need to adapt to having no money, but time off. –A friend says he can keep me busy a few hours a week, so I’ll take him up on it. That way if I decide to go fishing, I can. I haven’t been fishing in years, so if I can find someone who’s company I enjoy to go with me I probably will.

As you can see, nothing has changed. I’m waiting for the end of this mess, so I can figure out what the fuck I’m going to do next.

I thought I’d remind myself where I used to fish.
countryside with a creek in idaho state

I’m not sure exactly where in Idaho this is, but I’ve fished a hundred places just like this.

Maybe, friend or no friend, I will go fishing.

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Friday 5/19/17 Small Pawn Shops are Dying

BP = good enough
Blood sugar = 150

Meanwhile: A dude I’ve known forever just told me that the pawn shop he works for in Las Vegas is selling out to one of the big boys.

He’s been with them for almost 20 years. His bosses are also his friends, so he’s seriously bummed.

Another dude working at a shop someplace in Washington state just closed down his blog (madnessbeckons.com). His boss decided to retire and is selling his loans to whoever the 800lb gorilla is in that part of the world. The new guys haven’t offered him a job so he’s in the wind.

My company is selling out, the new guys want to keep me, but only at about 1/2 what I’m making now. I think I’m going to take Rich’s advice and collect unemployment until I can collect Social Security. Which is about, wait for it– half of what I’m making now.

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Tuesday 5/16/17 –They’re Selling Out

My bosses are selling to a major corporation, the papers aren’t signed, but in all reality, it’s a done deal.

Now I need to worry about whether or not these new guys will keep me. I’m 65 and the big boys have a reputation for forcing us old folks out. Not that they plan on keeping everybody anyway.

Well, fuck it…

Life goes on. Right up until the minute it doesn’t. Then it’s no longer our problem.

This whole mess, combined with my feeling my mortality is almost enough to give a guy religion.

I said “almost,” I’m too damn old to change.
So once again… Fuck It!