Featured images and sizes

Featured images grab people’s attention, and may even get them to look at your latest and greatest shining bit of wisdom. You can use your latest book cover (in which case I’m jealous) or a free image from Unsplash, because in an increasingly visual world, pictures help. The problem starts when we just throw any […]

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inspiration | writing

Inspiration for short stories

We were looking for inspiration when we decided to photograph things at random and use that. This is a room where I’ve been replacing some flooring and installing a ceiling fan. Hence the wood scraps and wires. As strange as it sounds coming from a guy, I wanted to make the bed and clean up […]

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Rejection letter number one

Well, I got my first rejection letter. You know, I didn’t realize how much of my ego was tied up in that story. The funny thing is that someone I ask for advice said it was the sweetest rejection letter she’d ever read. It turns out that she keeps all hers in a file. That […]

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Writer’s reality vs other people’s reality

A writer’s reality is much different than that of so-called normal people. (If you think writers are normal, either you don’t know any, or you need to get back on your meds.) When you see me staring into space, this is where I really am. When I type, I think I look like this. But, […]

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