NaNoWriMo 1 me 0

NaNoWriMo wins

I know it’s only the 28th, but I give up. National Novel Writing Month -NaNoWriMo- wins.

It did not kick my ass. It chewed me up, spit me out, and pissed on the pieces.

After 30,000 words I realized that I had contradicted –badly contradicted– pretty much everything I said in chapter one.

I tried to reconcile the two and that just ain’t gonna happen.

The personalities are diametrically opposed. For instance, personality #1 was a teetotaler and personality #2 always had a drink nearby. This was easy enough to explain, add something devastating to the dude’s life and it works. Unfortunately, it only works until the critical scene where he pulls a gun out of a nightstand and puts two 45 cal Hydra-Shoks in a man’s heart.

Needless to say this complicated matters to no end because the original guy had never owned or fired a gun in his life. The whole never deliberately hurting anyone was integral to his “live by your wits” point of view.

There were other small complications, however, the major problem was that the only way my hero could be both pacifist thief and gunslinger tough guy was to have multiple personalities.

This guys original personality was the story’s anchor, but up until the changes crept in he was boring, ungodly boring. The paradigm shift made him a lot more interesting.

I know what I did wrong, I wrote it one chapter at a time, only concentrating on the scene in front of me.

The end result, 30,000 wasted words, eyestrain, headaches, heartburn, and no frozen dinners left in the fridge.

I need a break. no more editing, no more grammar, no more punctuation, no more spelling, no more…

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