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More Advice on Writing

I’ve been reading lots of advice on writing, but the one thing that I don’t recall seeing is the need for a clear, clean, place to work.

I stole these photos from my editor’s blog.

I use a fold-down writing desk that is quite similar. It’s called a secretary, it closes up and hides the mess.
pine secretary

But this is what it looked like when he folded down the desk.

A bag of mint flavored flossers; in his writing desk??

This is after he organized things a bit.
Secretary much cleaner
Now he has room for his computer or a legal pad. Which reminds me; if you use paper, a pen that writes well relieves a surprising amount of the stress. That means no globs of ink, no smears, no start-stop, and no stains on the wall from losing your temper.

This bit of advice is at least as important as any you might read. If you wear glasses, buy a microfiber cloth, it is a godsend. I can’t think of a single thing that has caused me as many headaches as smudges on my lenses.
(This was a freebie from a company that I order lens adapters from.)

Now for two completely off-topic items.

First, I use the free version of Grammarly because, at this point in time, I don’t write enough to justify the $12 a month for premium.

Second, I use WordPress with the plugin from Yoast.

Grammarly tells me I don’t punctuate or spell correctly.
While Yoast tells me my title is too short or I have less than 300 words. Both of which are important to SEO.

Remember, those that can, do. And the rest of us pontificate.

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