Learning to Write Online

I’ve been looking for some free online writing courses. With the emphasis on “free.”

This list has a bunch, most of which wind up costing you money.
50 free online writing courses

On the other hand, Open Learn is offered by the Open University with many free classes to choose from. I registered and so far it seems to be quite good, if basic.

The Crafty Writer offers a lot of free advice, with the goal of getting you to sign up for her course.

I stumbled across this is site, with a list 70 jobs, most of which don’t pay very well. But they will give you experience and get your name out there for other jobs.

But while I was searching it occurred to me that most of my reading and searching has been a great way to convince myself that I was getting someplace without actually doing anything.

Heck, I even bought a book of Chekhov’s short works, Hemingway’s the Green Hills of Africa, and some Tobias Wolff. All of which I already have, probably in a box someplace, but I do have them. So why would I possibly want duplicate copies?

Once again, the cold blooded truth is that potentially useful as they are, all these things are a stall, and the only thing that’s going to teach me to write better is to write.

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