Inspiration for short stories

We were looking for inspiration when we decided to photograph things at random and use that.

This is a room where I’ve been replacing some flooring and installing a ceiling fan. Hence the wood scraps and wires.

As strange as it sounds coming from a guy, I wanted to make the bed and clean up the mess. But she vetoed the idea, she says the mess makes the room look lived in.

Lived in, by some homeless guy maybe.

At any rate, here are the two photos.

Cluttered room in sepia.
room in sepia
Possibly a low rent loft lived in by a musician. At least he has a window.

Same room, same clutter, image inverted.
inverted color in room
Through the eyes of a serial killer?

So here we have our inspiration. One room in sepia daylight, and one dolled up like a low budget special effect.

She sent them off to a former writing instructor who liked them. It seems that his poor defenseless students are about to be stuck with these two choices.

On the other hand, if you’re an aspiring writer and you can’t make a tale from any image, perhaps you should keep your day job.

For my part, I’m not sure I need inspiration, so much as to get my characters to cut to the chase and quit sounding like Marc Anthony in Julius Cesar.

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