Grammarly – Free Version Works for Me

The free version of Grammarly has become my go-to grammar checker, even if I do have to fight with it from time to time.

The paid version has more features, but I don’t write enough to justify a monthly fee of $12. Maybe I can catch a sale, but I probably won’t bother until I up my output.

At any rate, Grammarly catches those double blanks, “it’s vs “its, “their vs they’re,” and it suggests different verb tenses. Although it sometimes forces me to put things in quotes to get it to stop trying to use a word or verb I don’t want it to use.

I’ve come across some checkers that used only British English, dozens that made you type or cut and paste on their website, the WordPress plugin “after the deadline” by Automattic is no longer supported, and Ginger costs about the same as Grammarly. So, while I’m told there are better grammar/spelling checkers out there, I haven’t found any that are as useful for the type of writing I do, so I’ll stick with what I’m comfortable with.

I just came across this promo that gives 25% off Grammarly, but it only runs for the next couple of days, and I believe it’s only for the first year. –Not as much as I’d like, but it still saves you money.

In spite of having a grammar checker, this happens. “If your blogger or writing some content online or offline then this tool is for you.” It wouldn’t be bad if it wasn’t from Grammarly Discount on Facebook. 😉

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