Characters and Writing Inspiration

I love characters, but I’m usually at a loss when it comes time to put them into a new situation. So instead of keeping random notes that quit making sense after a few days, I started a Pinterest –Writer’s Inspiration thingy.

That’s where I put pictures of people, places, things, and quotes. It’s completely random shit, but once in a while there’s something that catches my attention.

The photo of an old samurai makes me think about his situation. What the heck does he do now? He’s old and his way of life has been replaced by automatic weapons and air strikes. All that’s left is to train, practice and tell the tales that everyone has heard a hundred times.

Or how about this one of a young woman in a diner late at night.
late at night

My current favorite dialog prompt.

Maybe the “lady-like” quote should go with the, “been partying too hard,” girl at the diner.

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