Character Inspiration

When you’re starting a story and you need to flesh it out with minor characters, or location, there are several sites that provide free photos for inspiration.

Pixabay, 123rf – both paid and free, Albumarium even has a section dedicated to redheads, and Jay Mantri has a bunch of random photos, mostly architecture or scenic, that are free to use for whatever.

Coming in for a landing, over a sprawling city. By Jay Mantri.

Guatemala -pixabay
For instance, this photo has been released under creative commons. I don’t know who he is, all I know is that the photo was taken in Guatemala, but the face provides a great basis for a new character.

Aerial silks dancer from pixabay
This aerial silks dancer I found on

Any of these will give you a great start, but I think the old farmer/rancher will find a place soon, if only as an important secondary character.

Right now I have several photos on a scrivener cork board and a completely random story line, but the photos keep me coming back to the original concept for each character.

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