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Rewriting web pages

I’m rewriting a couple of web pages. This is what the current page looks like. (click on the image to see a larger version.) The people that own the website have been using this same basic script for years. It was first written by a guy who claimed to be an expert at online sales. […]

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Featured images and sizes

Featured images grab people’s attention, and may even get them to look at your latest and greatest shining bit of wisdom. You can use your latest book cover (in which case I’m jealous) or a free image from Unsplash, because in an increasingly visual world, pictures help. The problem starts when we just throw any […]

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Themes for writers to use with WordPress

Themes, themes and more themes. I’m once again on the hunt for a new theme, and this time it’s not a stall. (BTW; deciding your website doesn’t look right is a great way to kill time while convincing yourself you’re accomplishing something. –The voice of experience.) People have published hundreds of themes that claim to […]

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