About Me

Every blog needs an about me page, or so I’m told. Something about readers wanting someone they can identify with.

So here’s what you get.

I was born in Boulder City, Nevada and I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I have a high school diploma and a bunch of college credits, but no college degree.

    I built 30ft swimming pools on a one piece mold. – I sometimes had to race my boss to the bank. So no joy there.
    I owned a machine shop. – An abysmal failure.
    I worked for a company that built electric cars. – Also an abysmal failure.
    I’ve run used bookstores. – Fun, but there’s not a lot of money to be made in the average used bookstore.
    I’ve traveled extensively. – It sounds romantic, but living out of a suitcase gets old fast, and living out of a duffle bag gets old even faster.
    I worked IT for a finance company. – Until they downsized in a major way.

I’ve had a lot of fun, but none of these jobs paid very well. Fortunately my house is paid off, so even on social security I can get by.

This is me at 24 with a rose in my teeth, in a flamenco dancer’s pose, and wearing a stained Budweiser t-shirt. -That shirt goes a long ways towards explaining the rose. (I miss that shirt)

This is me back in 2009 with beer in hand in the company of two chicas bonitas.

I’m not going to post any more photos because I mostly quit drinking, I got old, I’m mildly depressed and the mileage shows.

So, that’s all you get for now.