Field Notes Notebook

This is the notebook that lives in my back pocket. I buy them on Amazon at 3 for $10, so they’re cheap enough to keep several around. There are a bunch of cheaper brands of notebooks, but, after trying several cheap units, Field Notes has turned out to be the best compromise between cost and […]

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dry erase board label
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Hobby Lobby sale

I went to the Hobby Lobby out in Henderson to buy a cork board to keep track of my characters and their relationships. Simple enough; until I got sidetracked by a cheap 18×24″ dry erase board. It was $8 and the store was giving an additional 20% discount. While the 20×28 unframed cork board was […]

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story concepts

Pixie, Story idea number one

I’ve decided to start posting character ideas and short story concepts for anyone that wants them. –Also to remind me to get off the dime and write more. I have an unwelcome house guest. A damned pixie moved in. I tried calling a pest control company. The woman that answered sounded sincerely sympathetic while she […]

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Rewriting web pages

I’m rewriting a couple of web pages. This is what the current page looks like. (click on the image to see a larger version.) The people that own the website have been using this same basic script for years. It was first written by a guy who claimed to be an expert at online sales. […]

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